When Decisions Fire Back

What causes you to waver in your faith? I don’t mean in the major ways, like questioning the existence of God, but in the little ways: the hesitation to serve because you don’t feel like it, questioning of someone’s intentions or motives and the countless other little things that bubble-up a desire for self-protection instead […]

I Am Not A Super Hero – Take 2

A little over a year ago I wrote about how I am not a Super Hero.  I discussed my realization that in life, especially in the harder moments, I need to face things with people by my side instead of having them meet me on the other end.  I also acknowledged that when I feel […]

I Am Not A Super Hero

I wrote this last year but thought it was worth the share again …   Sometimes I take a lot on by myself. While I don’t overtly think I can handle everything on my own or am some sort of super hero, I sure can act like it. I know that I need people, but […]

Comfort Food

There are moments when I can feel as though I have been treated unfairly. Sometimes these moments pass and I’m able to quickly let go. At other times they linger and when they do my heart is in danger of becoming embittered. It stirs something familiar, but not pleasant at all.  When others fall short […]

Don’t Drink the Tap Water

Contentment is one of the hardest things to strive for. Contentment is characterized as serenity, satisfaction and happiness. I used to get contentment confused with apathy. I was scared to be content out of fear that it would somehow mute my ambitions. I now have a different understanding of contentment.  Throw gratitude into this mix […]