Vulnerable Hope

This past year my word, theme really, has been Hope. I have focused on what it means to hope. In my mind, learning to hope was me being less afraid to ask God for things I long for and He would fulfill them. God had a different plan. He has taught me to be more vulnerable […]

Prayer of the day…

Dear God, I pray to lay my life before you, that you may work as you see fit. I pray to be willing to be prepared by you, for whatever you have in store, instead of trying to be in control. Dt4:9 “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget […]

No Doubt

Doubt is a powerful thing. It can disarm us in the small and large fights we face each day. It disarms us by making us question ourselves but more importantly it can plant uncertainty in our heart of God’s love for us. It is in that love that we have great power to overcome our […]