Waiting For The Late Rains

It’s amazing what we are able to see in ourselves when we humble out before God. As I look back at the last few months of my life it’s been marked by a lot of strife in my relationships (dating, work, home). Mercifully God has revealed and relented as I have strived to change this, […]

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s are the people who teach us how to finish what we start, they teach us discipline. They are also the ones to exemplify to us unconditional love and acceptance, they teach us to be confident in who we are and not the things we do. Some, like me, didn’t have such fathers to teach us these […]

Embracing The Storm

When I was a little girl I loved a good thunderstorm. I still do. But I’ve forgotten how to enjoy them. At the sound of thunder and the smell of the oncoming downpour I would run out barefoot onto the New York City pavement just to feel the full effect of the storm – the […]

When I Can’t Forgive

When I am hurting it is easy to allow bitterness and anger to seep in. Although I would like to excuse these feelings and justify them, they are evil in God’s sight. Yet, they flood my heart anyway.  One of the hardest things to forgive is betrayal from someone you love. It’s the worst type […]

The Thoughts That Run My Life

Seasons of loss and pain can teach me how to receive from God. If I let it, struggle can make me stronger, build me up and deepen my faith. However, this deeper faith can only be attained if I face my suffering head on and not run from it. If I don’t see God’s love […]

Safe to Hold

Loss. Sometimes it comes quickly, at other times it comes slowly. However it may come, it exposes the deepest most vulnerable parts of our hearts. It has done so for me. In these moments I see that God is calling me to live my life without something I never thought I could live without; but […]