Happy Father’s Day

Father’s are the people who teach us how to finish what we start, they teach us discipline. They are also the ones to exemplify to us unconditional love and acceptance, they teach us to be confident in who we are and not the things we do. Some, like me, didn’t have such fathers to teach us these lessons. Yet we have a perfect father in heaven who does teach and loves us.

When I watched Derek’s father carry him down the track, tears streamed down my face as the love of this father for his son stirred my heart. When I fall God is there to carry me. As I cry and limp froward at times, he carries me and cries with me. At other times he stands back proud and watches me run full steam ahead in His full confidence. From day to day, all I need to do is focus on the day at hand, the hour, each moment, and strive to be righteous in it. God will carry me through it as I do my part. No matter what your relationship with your earthly father is/was, I hope today you can remember God your father and lean into Him as you move forward toward the great things He has for you. With Him we will not fail.


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