Taking Him At His Word

You know those days that are so bad they write songs about them. It was one of those. A day when I woke up just wrestling with God and myself. But I chose to fight and take my thoughts and emotions to God, to filter my thoughts through God’s truth. And then these amazing series […]

Embracing Who I Am

Before I can become who I want to be, I need to first embrace all of who I am. This includes the parts of me I don’t like, my insecurities and weaknesses. Weaknesses teach and bring me to God, if I allow them to. When I don’t, I become ashamed of them and want to hide them. This […]

Time, My frenemy

I have viewed Time as my enemy for much too long. As a result too often I have taken control, made decisions or simply been impatient and anxious because I felt like time was running out, was not on my side or something was simply taking too long. I am learning however, that Time is […]

Transforming the Heart

Transformation is a big concept. It can be painful and it takes time but it is beautiful. It’s more than incremental change. It’s radical. My love is more self-serving than it appears, my wounds are deeper, my self-deception more destructive. I fail to live up to my expectations. And it is in this place where […]