Joy – The New Black for 2016

Every year I choose a word or theme for the year. This past year the word was faith. The year was incredibly faith building, but also extremely painful in many ways–the needed kind. Sometimes endings bleed into new beginnings.  I’ve learned that I can feel joy and sadness at the same time, which struck me […]

Cheap Spirituality

Nothing worth having ever comes easy, or cheap for that matter. When you live life with all of who you are it requires great risk and discomfort. A year ago I set out seeking greater faith, but I was not ready for the journey and the work it would require of me. I wasn’t ready […]

Extraordinarily Personal

Sometimes I think that I need to do extraordinary things to impact the world. We want a purpose, to impact greater change, to do or be a part of something bigger. We can forget that as Christians, we already are. It’s the small everyday things we can do and say that can change someone’s eternity […]