Taking My Hands Off My Life

It’s the moment when your heart aches, as you see someone you love grapple with a question you know the answer to, but it is not your place to answer. It makes no difference if it’s a beloved friend, spouse or your child, when we see someone we love question or struggle on their journey, […]


Letting go of control and perfectionism can happen in seemingly small ways that can provide an immense amount of freedom and healing. Letting go has come through healing and acceptance of what was and what is. Being able to connect to my past pain, heal, release it and see how I, in my pain hurt […]

Rescue No More

My name is Kasia and I’m a rescuer. This past Sunday, I had the honor to stand before my entire congregation and share the power of the cross in my life and about my rescuing ways. Rescuing can be a good thing, like saving a child from being hit by a car, but the type […]

The Blame Game

To blame, is to assign responsibility for a fault or wrong. There are times when I can assign blame instead of seeking to understand or focusing on taking responsibility for my own actions. The only variable I can change is myself. Blaming also spills over into setting and enforcing my own boundaries. When I was […]