Changing the Rules of Engagment

How I define success is crucial to my growth. When I broaden my notion of success I am more likely to learn and grow. It’s harder to do this when I think I am failing. I can sometimes feel like I am failing those I care about most, or that I am failing God. How […]


Originally posted on Kasia Kedzia:
Letting go of control and perfectionism can happen in seemingly small ways that can provide an immense amount of freedom and healing. Letting go has come through healing and acceptance of what was and what is. Being able to connect to my past pain, heal, release it and see how…

When Temptation Comes

Even though I have experienced an amazing amount of personal and professional success lately, I have numbed pain and therefore numbed joy. I have longed to do the right thing but my selfishness has gotten in the way. There is a passage of scripture in Jeremiah 17 that has always stirred my heart in warning […]

Knowing Why

  The fundamental question I always return to is, why. Why do I do what I do? This is the question that helps expose what is really in my heart, if I am willing to take an honest look inside and answer truthfully. When I look at Jesus and ask why he did things, I […]

Returning to Wholeheartedness

This past year God used circomstances in my life to teach me a lesson I didn’t even think I needed to learn. Over the last two years God has worked such miracles in my life and heart and healed me from pain I spent my entire young adult life running from. My mother’s abandonment, my […]

In The Moment Living

I recently went on a silent retreat. Yes, me, silent for 3 days straight. Not talking to the people around me. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love people and hearing their stories. I am a total extrovert. This was going to be interesting, but for someone like me, who goes hard at […]

When Hitting Reset Doesn’t Work

  It was Sunday afternoon when the facetime call came in from overseas. “Hey, how are you?!” she said with a smile. Out of what seemed like nowhere my chest tightened and tears welled up in my eyes. “Not so good,” I blurted out as though someone else had taken control of my body. That’s […]