Knowing Why

  The fundamental question I always return to is, why. Why do I do what I do? This is the question that helps expose what is really in my heart, if I am willing to take an honest look inside and answer truthfully. When I look at Jesus and ask why he did things, I […]

Returning to Wholeheartedness

This past year God used circomstances in my life to teach me a lesson I didn’t even think I needed to learn. Over the last two years God has worked such miracles in my life and heart and healed me from pain I spent my entire young adult life running from. My mother’s abandonment, my […]

In The Moment Living

I recently went on a silent retreat. Yes, me, silent for 3 days straight. Not talking to the people around me. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love people and hearing their stories. I am a total extrovert. This was going to be interesting, but for someone like me, who goes hard at […]

When Hitting Reset Doesn’t Work

  It was Sunday afternoon when the facetime call came in from overseas. “Hey, how are you?!” she said with a smile. Out of what seemed like nowhere my chest tightened and tears welled up in my eyes. “Not so good,” I blurted out as though someone else had taken control of my body. That’s […]

Failing to Disappoint

When someone thinks they will constantly disappoint you, they will eventually withdraw. As I write this statement heat rises to my face and chest. I know I have made others feel this way in the past. When this realization truly sunk in for me it was a major catalyst for personal change. However there is […]

Checking Expectations

Sometimes people disappoint us. They fall short of our expectations.  In these moments I am learning to examine my expectations first instead of looking to blame someone for falling short. Regularly checking my expectations has been teaching me so much. Ultimately, I want to love people better, I want to succeed at my job, and make […]

Mourning Our Daily Losses

I’ve recently been faced with mourning the loss of my father, again. I didn’t grow up with my father. I lived with him briefly the summer before starting High School. We were not close when he died over 10 years ago. I didn’t want to go to the funeral and I remember being so angry […]