Letting Go Of Self-Protection

Self-protection is not the same thing as self-care. It took me many years to see how I was self-protecting, and how this self-protection ultimately hurt me, others, but most of all God. Here is how I think of and differentiate between the two: Self-care: Behavior or process an individual engages to meet his or her […]

I Surrender

When I think of surrender I get a mental image of a person with their hands up over their head, at gunpoint. Maybe I watched too many old WW II movies as a child. Yes, that’s my mental image of surrender. This also takes me to the idea of lifting my hands over my head, […]

Failing in Love

The fear of failure in anything is real. However, fear can add a healthy tension between the need to step out on faith and facing the possibility of failure. It’s easier to handle failure when you are confident that love will be there no matter what. The more I grow in my understanding of God’s […]

No Doubt

Doubt is a powerful thing. It can disarm us in the small and large fights we face each day. It disarms us by making us question ourselves but more importantly it can plant uncertainty in our heart of God’s love for us. It is in that love that we have great power to overcome our […]