Leaning Into Grace

“Grace demands nothing of us in payment, but everything of us in trust.” – Unknown Understanding grace has been a lifelong struggle for me. As I have leaned into both joy and sorrow this year the very real concept of grace has come up a lot. As I began to talk about it I started […]

Uncomfortable Compassion

Everyone has a story. Hearing peoples stories can move our hearts, it gives us the opportunity to hear the why behind who they are. During a recent service trip in Africa, with an organization called HOPE World Wide, I was able to hear the stories of both the men and women I served with as […]

Love Like A Child

Originally posted on Kasia Kedzia:
When we serve we often get to experience God in intimate and personal ways. I recently returned from a service trip to South Africa with an organization called HOPE WorldWide. As we worked with children in some of the poorest communities in Johannesburg we gave our entire hearts to these…

Letting Go Of Self-Protection

Self-protection is not the same thing as self-care. It took me many years to see how I was self-protecting, and how this self-protection ultimately hurt me, others, but most of all God. Here is how I think of and differentiate between the two: Self-care: Behavior or process an individual engages to meet his or her […]

Knowing What To Do

I often find myself asking, “God what do you want me to do?” I’m such a pragmatic systems person, just tell me what to do, keep it simple and I’m good to go. Jesus’ answer to this question can really frustrate me, John 6:28-29 (NCV) “The people asked Jesus, ‘What are the things God wants […]

Anchored In

Sometimes I walk too fast. People who know me laugh at this. Someone once taught me a really valuable lesson using this simple example. When I walk ahead, sometimes I can feel left behind, but it’s up to me to  slow down and keep pace with the person I’m walking beside. Slowing down and letting […]